Romain Kenfack

Country Representative, Burkina Faso


Romain Kenfack is project director for ASI’s Women’s Poultry Program to Improve Income and Nutrition (SELEVER) Project in Burkina Faso. With more than 15 years of experience as a leader and manager for international development organizations, he has a proven record of piloting interventions, innovating, and problem solving to address barriers to commercialization of new products, such as the production of locally produced fodder or development of a dried cheese industry to prevent milk spoilage. In his roles as country director for ADRA in DRC and Counterpart International in Mauritania, he provided leadership, oversight, and support to nutrition, livestock, women’s empowerment, and agriculture and economic development programs. He specializes in cultivating relationships among the private sector, nongovernmental organizations, and local government that build consensus and achieve tangible results for local communities. Romain holds a Master of Science in Administration from Andrews University.


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