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Diageo – ASI Alliance Colombia


Project Description
The Diageo – ASI Alliance Colombia is a ten-month partnership with Diageo, one of the world’s leading premium drinks company, designed to generate increased job opportunities and improve living conditions for Afro-Colombian and indigenous populations. These minority groups are among the most marginalized persons in Colombia and suffer from challenges including exclusion, inequality, poverty, discrimination, and displacement.


Project Approach
Working with Gente Estragética Cartagena, which has a long and established relationship with ACDI/VOCA, the project will train 200 young adults in the fast-growing hospitality and tourism industry.

The project works through a five-step process:

  • 1. Identify job opportunities and form relationships with private-sector hiring partners - This first step sets the ASI/Diageo model apart as a demand-driven employment model. ASI and Diageo will only train the number of beneficiaries that it can later place in formal jobs.

  • 2. Raise awareness and selection of beneficiaries - In marginalized neighborhoods, ASI and Diageo will distribute leaflets and host job fairs, interview applicants, and select potential beneficiaries.

  • 3. Tailored job training - ASI and Diageo will train beneficiaries according to needs identified by hiring partners.

  • 4. Job placement - In collaboration with the private sector, ASI and Diageo will place beneficiaries in pre-identified jobs.

  • 5. Monitoring - The project will monitor beneficiaries for six months after job placement to ensure that they are adapting to the new work environment and that the companies’ needs are met.

ASI and Diageo will work closely with the USAID-funded , implemented by ACDI/VOCA, to leverage resources and ensure a unified approach to the campaign.


Impact and Accomplishments
The Diageo – ASI Alliance Colombia will train 200 young adults and place 80 percent or 160 trainees in formal jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry. This project also serves to promote partnerships from different sectors of society to provide a differentiated approach to expand formal employment for the minority ethnic groups in Colombia.




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