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Ghana Commercial Alliance for Smallholder Horticulture Project (CASH-P)


Project Description
The Commercial Alliance for Smallholder Horticulture Project (CASH-P) was funded by Agribusiness in Sustainable Natural African Plant Products (ASNAPP), through Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation (ICCO). CASH-P supported 250 farmers from the Togorme Agricultural Cooperative Farmer Union (TACFU) in producing high-value vegetables on over 450 hectares in the Torgorme Area.


ASI assisted these farmers to increase yields and variety of vegetables produced through intensive production and modern technology training. The project also provided business and legal skills training to the farmers to help achieve operational efficiency and increase profit margins. ASI facilitated direct market linkages with Agri-Impact, an off-taker who sources for high-end domestic markets.


CASH-P was a sister project to SCPIMP and developed an implementation framework and trained a subset of 75 TACFU farmers to manage the centre pivot irrigation scheme under the SCPIMP.


Project Approach
The objective of this project was to increase market access and profitability of smallholder vegetable producers in the Torgorme area of Ghana. The project built the technical and managerial competencies of Torgorme Agricultural Cooperative Farmers Union (TACFU) to effectively and efficiently use the center pivot irrigation system and intensive production technologies to produce high-quality specialty vegetables for domestic and export markets.


Impact and Accomplishments

CASH-P supported 250 TACFU members to build their capacities in intensive production methods and technologies to increase their yields and overall productivity as well as their ability to produce a wider variety of vegetables. It also provided additional training to 75 TACFU farmers under the SCPIMP project.


CASH-P conducted the following activities:

  • Provided agronomic, technical, and business services training to 250 outgrowers
  • Established market linkages between producers and off-takers
  • Helped TACFU members develop an e-database
  • Facilitated access to finance for TACFU members
  • Developed a business plan and five-year strategic plan with TACFU



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