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Ghana Smallholder Centre Pivot Irrigation Program (SCPIMP)


Project Description

Smallholder Centre Pivot Irrigation Program (SCPIMP), which was funded by the Ghana Commercialization Agriculture Project (GCAP), was a pilot program that trained 75 members of the Torgorme Agriculture Cooperative Farmer Union (TACFU) to own and manage a central irrigation pivot that will help them produce and sell high-value horticulture and commodities. Through the use of the central irrigation pivot, the project increased farmer incomes by improving yield quality and quantities.


ASI worked with VegPro, a large international exporter, to provide the central pivot infrastructure and train the farmers on how to use it. ASI supported the farmers as they developed their ownership and management models, incorporating comprehensive legal frameworks to protect their rights to the central pivot as well as financial and economic models that help them monitor and foresee costs related to the irrigation system.


SCPIMP was a sister project to CASH-P, which provided various trainings to TACFU members.


Project Approach

Working with both VegPro and TACFU, the project took a collaborative approach to determine the best ownership and management structure for the central pivot system so it provided economic and social benefits to all stakeholders. VegPro provides the infrastructure (pipe installation, electricity, etc.) and ASI complemented this with a production training regime that ensured the quantity and quality of produce needed for regional and international export.


Impact and Accomplishments

Through this partnership, SCPIMP increased production and revenue for 75 TACFU members through the installation and management of the central irrigation pivot.


The project activities produced:

  • Three ownership and management models that incorporated a legal framework to leverage the TACFU members’ strengths and mitigate their weaknesses in running the central pivot
  • Established economic and financial models to help TACFU members manage costs associated with the central irrigation pivot
  • Agronomic training activities that taught TACFU members to cultivate effectively under a pivot system



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